Trade over 1,172 assets, with up to $3 Million of our funds and keep 80% of the profits, paid fortnightly.

Then we take you to the Big League…

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How Trader Funding Works

Show Us You’ve Got The Skills To Pay The Bills

By trading a demo account to reach the target, without violating any rules.

Trade Again, Reach The Target

To show us you’ve got what it takes to become 

a Funded Trader With Edge.


You become a Trader With Edge, we fund an account that you trade and keep most of the profits.

Scale Your Capital

Your trading capital isn’t capped at the challenge amount you pass. There are two scaling plans to choose from and if you meet ongoing objectives we will continue to top up the size of your account to $3 Million USD.

The Big League

Once you have traded with us for a minimum of 2 years, you become eligible to go to the big league. If your trading has been consistent we will prepare and present you to larger institutions that will fund you up to $30 Million.


That’s completely up to you. We provide the financial backing for you to flourish. Below is a calculator to help you estimate your earnings from Traders With Edge.


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Straight Forward, Honest Funding
So You Can Focus On Trading

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

“they are one of the legit firms”

“I was one of the first people to join Traders With Edge. I was a little skeptical at the start and even a little scared when I signed up, but I had been monitoring the telegram group for a while and spoke to support a few times, which made me feel comfortable they are one of the legit firms out there.”

Tomas C


“stood out for me was their genuine interest in my success”

“I was already trading for 2 other prop firms before I started trading for traders with edge, what really stood out for me was their genuine interest in my success of becoming a long term trader for them. Their customer service is usually fast, they reply to my emails within hours (instead of days like some others) and the fact that I can login to the dash and track my stats is very helpful.”

Jamal G


“valid way of earning a fulltime income”

“To be honest at first, I was like “oh great, another get rich quick scheme”, but when I read through all the terms and conditions, plus did some other research online, it became clear to me that trading for a prop firm is a valid way of earning a fulltime income. So far I’ve found the support really helpful and the setup process straightforward.”

Abdul K


Guaranteed Funding, Guaranteed Payouts

As a prop trader the most important thing is that you get paid. We ensure all eligible traders who should be paid, are paid. By partnering with Symbiosis Capital and other investment firms, you can rest assured you will be paid.

The Community

Join discussions about all things trading, contribute your ideas, take courses and get mentoring to unlock your full potential as a funded trader.

Metrics Monitoring

As soon as you pay for a challenge your account logins will be sent to your email automatically. You will have access to view your account metrics in real time and if any violations happen you will be instantly sent an email and everything is logged in the system for full transparency.

The Broker

We have partnered with GO Markets as the broker of choice because they can offer a wide range of Symbols to trade that have low spreads and commissions on an ECN account.


Choose MT5 For Maximum Tradable Assets

FX Majors, Minors, Exotics

Global Market Indices




AU, US Stocks

Choose your account type