Affiliate Dashboard Walk Through

What’s In Your Affiliate Dashboard?

In this video, I’m going to walk through your affiliate dashboard. To get to your affiliate dashboard. You can do so by logging into the My Account page up the top here. And after you log in, you will be landed on the dashboard here. You can also find the affiliate login down in the footer of the website as well. So once you’ve logged in, you will see a page that looks like this. And you’ll see a tab over to the left, which is affiliate. If you click on that tab, you’ll be brought into the affiliate portal.

Now, here, you can see your details. You can see your earnings to date, how many referrals that you’ve made. It will develop a rank for you over time and display that here and give you some other metrics here. If you are using paid advertising, this can be very useful with your EPC.

You can change your background of your image there if you want to. And you can also upload your profile by editing your profile there. You’re still on the main page here at the dashboard. You can see the number of referrals. You can see the paid referrals until now. So once you make a referral and someone purchases, the purchase goes into pending, we manually verify the purchase. And then it goes into approved. After the minimum time has passed, we’ll pay out up to your designated account. However you chose to be paid.

You can edit your payout details under payout details there, and that’s the account that we’ll pay out to. So you can see here, there’s one unpaid referral. So if you’ve just made a referral today, someone’s purchased, then it will show up in your unpaid referral section. Once it’s been verified and approved will be removed into the paid referrals. See, total payout transactions. That’s how many times you’ve been paid.

So it’s not necessarily how many referrals that you’ve made. It’s how many total payments have been made to you. So you might have five referrals within one payout, as an example, depending on how many referrals you’re sending through. Down here, you can see a graph showing when you made the referrals, you can see clicks conversions. This is just some dummy data in here to show you what it looks like. So obviously your metrics will look very different.

Under marketing is where you’ll find your tools. So if you click on affiliate links, you go here and you can get your main link just by right click, copy link address. Whenever you send that to anyone, if someone clicks on it, they will be tracked back to you.

You’ve also got a QR code, which is unique to you here as well. So if you’re using a QR code in your marketing, you can download this image that’s unique to your tracking link. And if someone scans that on their mobile phone, they’ll be sent to your unique affiliate link and tracked back to you as well. First, if we look at campaigns, you don’t have to use campaigns, but for affiliates that are sending a lot of traffic, they might want to use campaigns to make a tracking more specific. So in here, I’m going to say Instagram. So if I want to separate out my traffic from Instagram versus Facebook, then I go in here first and I add a campaign.

Then when I go back to my affiliate links tab, scroll down, I can select a campaign. So if I want my link for Facebook, then I get a specific page on the website. So for now, I’m just going to grab any page on the website. I’m going to use a homepage, I’ll put it here, and I go generate link.

Once I’ve generated that link, you can see I get another unique QR code, if I wanted to use that. And I can just copy this link and use that, right. You could use any page on the website. If there was a specific product that you wanted to send someone to, you would just get the product URL, put it in here, click generate, and you’ve got your tracking right down here. They’re all saved so you can see, and you can just simply go copy link and use that. Under creatives, we have some banner advertising. We will have email copy in there, message, swipe files, all sorts of different things that you can use in here. Just grab and deploy, right.

So if you wanted to use this banner, you would just copy that code by copying and then paste it into your website. That’s how you’re going to promote it. As I said, there’s some banner advertising there now, and there will also be some other files that you can use in your marketing.

Coupons. From time to time, we may add coupons as a special for affiliates to promote. And that will be under this section here. Under the referral tab, you can see how much affiliate commissions you’ve sent that have been verified. Here’s the unverified. As I mentioned before, as soon as you make a referral, they go to pending. Once we confirm the sale, then it moves over to the verified and then we pay it out.

You can see previous payouts that have been paid out down here, they’re verified or not. And you can filter that by the date. Payments. You can see here that the account has been paid out this amount, and there’s been two payments and here’s the history. So two payments have gone to bank transfer and they’ve been completed.

Reports. So you’ve got a number of different reports down here that you can go through. You’ve also got the second tier affiliates here, so you can see people that you’ve referred and have they referred other people. Under affiliate flash banner, go to leaderboard and you can see the leaderboard of the top affiliates. We hope to see you on this leaderboard sometime soon. And under the help you can see frequently asked questions about the affiliate program and contact support easily through there at any point in time.


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