Every Successful Trader Has This

What Does Every Successful Trader Have?

Every single multimillionaire, billionaire trader, business person, sports athlete, or anyone who’s living in the top 1%, all have one thing in common.

They all have rules in place that help them become better and achieve more. Rules are like the bumper barriers that pop out on the side of the bowling alley to help you hit the target. If you want to lose weight or put on muscle, everyone knows that you need to have rules around what you eat and drink, how and when you work out, and it’s no different, if you want to make a full-time income from trading.

The reason we have rules in place is not to fail people, but quite the opposite. We know the main causes of people not being profitable over time, so we’ve put some necessary rules in place to ensure our traders win consistently, so they can earn a full-time, sustainable income from trading long term. So let’s run through the difference between our hard and soft rules. A hard rule is a black and white rule that if broken will cause you to lose your challenge account or your funded account. If you do lose your account, you may pay the fee again and redo the challenge.

If you break a manipulation rule, then in some cases, we may ban you from trading with us for life. Soft rules are rules must be followed, but in the case that you make a mistake, we’ll not fail you or revoke your funded account. We realize sometimes that mistakes happen and we’re not in the business of failing traders on purpose to make a profit, like some other firms do.

We want you to be successful. And soft rules are best practices we put in place to assist you to manage your risk and continually be profitable over the long term. Please pay attention to the differences between the turtle and the hare rules. I’m not going through them all in this video, but you should read them on the website before purchasing a challenge.

One of the main reasons why people fail challenges is not because they don’t have the skills, but it’s because they don’t clearly understand the rules before they start. So please, take the time, study the rules and ask support if you’re not clear on anything before you start trading.


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