SCALPING for a living!

  • SCALPING for a living!

    Posted by Bobby Belfort on September 4, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    It’s true, you can make money off the fluctuations in prices. If your position size is big enough and if trades are executed several times per day then it will be very profitable for trading on short-term moves rather than long haul ones!

    While it’s true that when you’re dealing with small movements, such as 5-10 pip changes in prices over the course of your trade – having a tight spread will help keep costs down. However for more significant moves (like 20 pips) traders should consider using lower commissions and even getting rid of them altogether if possible because they just aren’t worth anything close to what an abundance or volatility can make all by itself!

    I usually go scalping in confluence with momentum trading or news trading. Trend trading on a shorter time frames. 1