Trader of the Week Dec 12 – Dec 18

  • Trader of the Week Dec 12 – Dec 18

    Posted by Pauline Martin-Brooks on December 13, 2022 at 3:02 am

    Good day everyone❗️❗️ Here’s your chance to win $100 store credits by just simply posting your trading setups. So what are you waiting for? Post your Trading Setups NOW!!

    Keep in mind that you can only win the trader of the week once a month per person, but please keep posting your setups because other people are getting value from them as well.

    Please don’t forget to follow the guidelines.

    ✅For those who would like to participate for the Trader of The Week competition, please note the ff:

    📌 Post your trade setups on the recent thread with the current week you’d like to participate in. (e.g Trader of the Week Nov 28 to Dec 4!

    📌Use your real picture with your real name.

    📌Post your setup from planning, execution to result

    📌 No copying of setups!

    🔰🔰🔰Also don’t forget to follow these criteria:

    1️⃣Consistent posting of quality setups with screenshot of entries and explanation why you are entering the trade (including stops and take profits area).

    2️⃣Post the outcome of the trades

    3️⃣Share what you feel before, during and after taking the trades

    4️⃣ Share what you can improve to your system.

    And that’s it! You’ll have your entry. Make sure to share this good news to your trader friends and colleagues for a chance to win $100 store credits.

    ✅Good luck everyone and may the pips be with you!


    Ariawan Budianto replied 1 month, 2 weeks ago 7 Members · 17 Replies
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  • Stefan Andrei Enea

    December 13, 2022 at 1:50 pm

    Hi, my name is Stefan Andrei Enea, i am trader from Romania, and i use the orderblock strategy. My strategy is very simple, i trade what i see, if i can see nothing i don’t trade (sorry for my english, it’s not really good) in the morning i set previously daily high, daily low and open market, after that i wait to appier the orderblock, when i see a valid order block i wait a confirmation, you can see in my photo the last trade. After confirmation i am going to trade with 0,4% risk with my account and 2 partials and minim 1/3 RR profit. This is my strategy, easy and clean. Good Luck every one!!

  • Jose Ramirez

    December 13, 2022 at 2:06 pm

    El EUR/USD entrando en un order block semanal, llegando al poi refinado diario, posible oportunidad de ventas