How Much Can I Earn From Traders With Edge

Hello, traders. So we’ve received a number of questions of people asking us, how much can I earn by trading with Traders With Edge?

This is not a question that we can answer for you because everyone’s situation is different, everyone’s trading style is different, everyone manages their money different. And so what we’ve decided to do is we’ve built a calculator for you on our website that you can go to and you can put in the metrics that you think are viable for yourself to be able to trade, and then it will tell you how much your income would be based on those numbers.

So to start with, you can select your account size, so let’s say if it was a $100K account that you were trading with us, and then you select how much do you think you can achieve per month? If you can achieve around the 2% mark per month, then that’s what your income would be down here. If you thought it was slightly lower, that’s fine also, and if you’re a rockstar and you can really crush it, then you might put it up a little bit higher.

You can also toggle this switch to see what it would be on a yearly basis or a monthly basis, and then you can decide from there, because really, it’s up to you. We provide the training, we provide the tools, we provide the support, and of course, we provide the funding for you to trade a larger account, so it’s really up to you as to how you manage that. Some people like to have much larger accounts. They might take multiple challenges and get a $500K account for example.

The target might be to achieve 1% per month. That’s completely fine. It’s totally up to you though. Let’s just see what that would look like as an example, but it’s totally up to you. There’s no right way of doing it, there’s no wrong way of doing it. It’s just totally up to how you want to manage your account.

Obviously, down here, you can select your challenge if you wanted a $200K or a $100K Hare, or if it was the Turtle, make sure you fully understand the conditions of each challenge. They’ve all got different variables. The Turtle, for example, has a lower leverage than the Hare. Once again, it suits different traders’ style. You’ve got that tool there to play with and understand what the opportunity looks like for you.

On another note, if you are interested in earning an income stream that’s not from trading or just having a second income stream, then check out the video on second income, where we talk about another way that you can earn a full time income by partnering with us. If you’ve got any questions, then please post them in the comments below or contact us through support and we’re happy to help.

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