How To Earn Points With Traders Social Media Platform

Hi, it’s Samuel from Traders With Edge, and today I want to run through our point system in the Traders with Edge social media platform.

Let’s jump straight into it. Within our social media platform, we’ve got various things that you can do to earn points, and those points can be redeemed for Trader challenges, they can be redeemed for courses, or anything else that’s in the shop. So, let’s walk through how you can actually get points to be able to redeem to buy stuff. You’ll notice down here we have community leaders tab, and if you click that, you’ll see get points.

If you click on the get points tab, you’ll get taken to this page. And if you open this tab here, you’ll see there’s a number of different ways that you can earn points within the community. You can earn 10 points just for registering the community, for publishing a new post, so you can have your own blog within the site. This can help you build a lot of credibility and gain followers.

So, if you’re some sort of educator, then it’s a perfect place for you to be. Or if you just want to jot down your ideas, put some trade setups out there and get feedback from the community. So, if you’re publishing posts, you can receive 10 points. If you’re commenting on other people’s posts, you’re receiving points.

Notice that we’ve got limits on some of these. This is to make sure that we’re not encouraging spamming in the community. We want to keep the quality of the content and the connections of quality. And so, we do put limits on some of them, and that’s the reason why. You’ll notice down here if you invite other members to the social platform, then you’ll also receive 20 points for that. 10 points for completing your profile a 100%.

So, to complete your profile, what you’ll see is on some of the pages, there will be a thing that says, “Complete your profile.”

So, you can see my profile is 50% complete. If I click on that, I’ll be taken and I can fill out the other details to complete my profile. So, there’s a bit of gamification going on here, and you can earn points for interacting and being a good community member. So, now I’ll quickly walk through the platform and how you can redeem points.

You can redeem points for courses, for challenges, or anything else on the platform that is available for purchase. In this example, I’m going to purchase a $25,000 Turtle account on MT4. Just select that. We’ll add it to my shopping cart. Once I go through to the checkout, you’ll notice this part here. It says “Use points for a discount.” If you click that, then what it will show is it’ll say “Your current balance is 34 points.” Now this is a brand new account for testing purposes, so there’s not many points in there.

What you can do is you can type in the amount of points that you want to use and your discount will show up there, and you just click apply discount. So, obviously the more points you accrue, the more discounts you can apply to any purchases that you might want. Remember to download our phone app to make it much easier to access the community. You can do everything that you can do on desktop on your phone, including adding friends, following influencers, and a whole bunch of other good stuff. So, jump in there, start earning points, and I look forward to seeing you on the inside. Cheers.

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