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Are you an experienced Trading Mentor that can cover Trading Strategies, Trading Psychology or other elements of becoming funded?

Do you currently have trading results available on your website?

Do you have either a paid or free training program that we can take a look at?

If so please complete the following and we’ll be in touch with you about our Mentor Marketplace.

Experienced Affiliates: Be The First To Promote A NEW High Converting Offer In Huge Untapped Market

Dear Super Affiliate,

One of our competitors went from zero to $2.5 Million sales per month in 1 year, without affiliates, without paid traffic, and without knowing the first thing about internet marketing…

If you know how to drive traffic or recruit affiliates, this could be the highest paying offer you promote this year, so give us 5 minutes to explain.

You already know the make $$ online niche is hot, but mostly crowded with scams, low quality garbage, or useless 58 step systems that don’t work.

NOTE: This is not another “Me too” info product or push button BS software system.

So what is it? Get to the point already.


The Unquenchable Thirst

Millions of traders fantasise about making the leap from part-time to full-time.

Living the laptop lifestyle on their own terms, but they lack the capital to make it a reality, so they get stuck in dead end jobs forever dreaming of making a better life.

These traders pay us (Traders With Edge) a fee for the opportunity to get funded. They take a live trading challenge. If they pass the challenge, we fund them with a large account to trade and pay them a portion of profits they make.

Why would they do that?

What’s better than trading anywhere in the world? Doing it with someone else’s money…

Think about it, a trader with a $5,000 balance who makes 10% per month (ridiculously hard) makes $500pm. Instead, if they paid us a challenge fee of $1,190 and pass the challenge, we fund them with $200,000 which would make them $16,000pm.


4 Reasons Why “Now” Is The Time

  1. No Competition: Barely any of our competitors have affiliate programs and the ones that do, are about as exciting as wet toilet paper stuck to your shoe. So there is virtually no affiliate competition in this hot market.
  2. New, But Proven Market: The top businesses in this space have been around less than 3 years, and their marketing is weak. We have been in online marketing for over 15 years.
  3. Supply v Demand Imbalance: Because the business model is still relatively new, there are more traders who want to be funded than there are companies who can fund them.
  4. Shifting World Economy: The significant changes in how the world operates over the last few years is driving record numbers of people online to make an income.


How You Get Paid

  1. Earn up to $1,400USD per sale for promoting the challenges.  You get paid up to 30% on all products.
  2. Earn Passive Recurring Income by promoting our affiliate system (launching soon). We are in the process of building our “click and copy” affiliate marketing system which when ready, even new affiliates can earn. This is a second income opportunity for many. They pay a monthly recurring fee to clone all our funnels, automations and conversion tools just like click funnels does. You earn a 2 tier recurring commission on all systems.
  3. Earn from multiple products (launching soon). We are building out our education portal where 3rd party vendors will be able sell their courses specific to trading from our site. You will also receive commissions on all sales from upsells, downsells and cross sells.
  4. Earn from Promoting Free Stuff. We are rolling out free trading competitions, viral giveaways, free guides and courses. All of which you get paid on the backend for the life of the client.



Here’s The Catch

We are launching in late March 2022, so no we don’t have flashy EPC data or proof of conversions for you, but hopefully by now you understand why being one of the first to promote will be easy money.

What we do know from people behind the scenes is that the Average sale value is around $550 and the average trader buys 3 challenges.

Swipe files, banners, videos and other promotional tools are being uploaded to the affiliate area each week and if there is something you believe will increase sales, let us know as this is a partnership after all.

And remember, the difference between us and the competition is that we have been internet marketers for over 15 years, so we know how to sell online. This obviously makes it easier for you as an affiliate to earn.



Got Volume?

If you already have an audience of traders or you can build one, we are willing to do private webinars, place conversion pixels and even build funnels for the right partners.



Let’s Rock!

If you want to book a call with the founder and head of marketing before joining, please contact us through the contact page.

Or if you’re ready to join, apply below.

NOTE: Password must be at least 10 characters and include Upper Case, Lower Case, Number, Special Symbol (*&^%$#@!)

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