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If you’re sick of trader funding programs that have strict rules that don’t suit your trading style, then this might interest you. In our other video, we walk through the launch of Traders With Edge customizations where we allow you to customize your challenge or instant funding account. Check out the other customizations video.

In this video, I’m going to cover four more brand new options that you can use to customize your prop firm challenge to your trading style so that you can get funded more easily.

Okay, let’s get into it. Let’s choose a challenge. Let’s go for a hare two step, 50K account and choose from MT4 or MT5. MT5 has more instruments. On the challenge page, you’ll notice that we can dramatically customize the challenge. More new customizations that have just been launched are the ability to add 60 days to phase one challenge.

Some people want a bit longer to pass. They’re good traders, but they don’t like the pressure of having to pass within 30 days, so you can extend the challenge for an extra 60 days. You’ve got 90 days in total. You now have the ability to hold over the weekend if you want to.

We understand that some swing traders want to hold positions for a longer period of time, and so you now have the ability to do that. If you prefer not to trade with a stop loss, then you can also remove the requirement to have a stop loss, which also removes the risk per trade and the maximum open risk parameters.

Last but definitely not least, you can change the maximum trailing loss to a static maximum loss. What this means is if you start on a $50,000 account and your maximum drawdown is $5,000, i.e. $45,000, then on both your challenge and your live account, the maximum drawdown will stay fixed at $45,000.

Currently, Traders with Edge is the only prop firm that’s allowing you to customize your challenge to this degree. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below, so post a comment and let us know your opinion, and we hope to see you in the community sometime soon.

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